Monday, December 15, 2008

mass attack in your space ship

can you please tell me what's that noise
it bleeds my ear
my hearing distort
help me, save me.
i can't take it
i just can't take it
where should i hold on to?

my riot baby!
answer my call
there's no more regret
i will make you smile this time"

*baru aku sedar, noise itu adalah jeritan ibu aku. Memekik melolong tentang result aku.

Look, i can't write in English properly. I have a bad grammar issue. So let's just talking thrash and don't bother my vocab plus grammar thing. Me, myself envied my collegues. Most of them can speak and write english fluently and flawless. Me on the other hand is simply just faking that i'm good in english. Bla Bla Bla. Even my carry mark is good enough, but i still write bad english. Even my teacher in my high school said to me that i am his bad product. I can speak fluently, but in writing.. Duhh, i never score in my writing exam. That's why i only manage to get only A2 for my spm, again i only score only A- for my 1st sem punya final exams. Itu pun mama still bising lagi. To be honest, i hate competition in class. During my schooldays, some of my classmate made me as their challenge in their study. Seriously, i simply dont give a damn about that. But they keep on pushing me to the limit and keep pissing me if their results is better that me. But if i told them my result is better their faces will change and they will stop talking to me for days. I hate it when people keep pushing me to the edge. I am weak, i am not strong and brilliant like you. Second issue, i have a big bad mouth. I will get mad if something that happened in front of me didn't happened at the right momment, or simply someone did it the wrong way. And there is one fat guy keep saying to me that what i wear did not match me. Okay, that guy been dressing like a mat rempit. He wears a big fat jeans, stupid shirt, jeans jacket and fake white gucci shades. Seriously all of his friends dress like that. When they walk together, dah macam badut sarkas keluar ramai-ramai. He cant even dress properly and he want to teach me how to wear? Gissh. Screw off fat guy.I've been meeting new peeps on myspace. New guys and girls that been adding me. This girl, sesultan kot nama dia. She is 100% cool ok. She love to talk trash with me and i like it douh. Its better to bual-bual kaw-aku then i-u. Ewww. It looks fake and macam nak control macho je. Ouh ya, dont the bus driver or company they all realise harga minyak dah decrease? But they still using the surcas 30% thing! Harga tiket bus cam taiik okay. RM3.80 to city square form my house? Damn! Pergi balik dah dekat RM8. Come on la, mak bapak aku pun ada mulut to bee feed okay! Not only your big family nak makan! Curse you transportation service company! Butch the bitch, frantic! who asked you not to get a driving license?

Mad, maaf, mad, maaf, mad, maaf, mad, maaf. Itu je yang kaw boleh buat? bengkek!

Emosiku menaip tanpa haluan.
Let's sit on a couch, talk about what a waste i am. Then let's act like it was just a dream and we shall never meet again. It's my life that starts to collapse. I need to see that smile on your face. A smile that reminds me of all the sweetness u gave to me. It's 3:15 in the morning. I'm still awake after a nice warm talk with you. I can't sleep. Seeing all the dimmed street lights. Can it be a escape button for all the issue? Between friendship, love, trust and study. As if you will help me to change. What she can do is keep pointing my wrong. Or u can just leave me on the street when the air is to cold. *my cheap love letter to the unknown.

Syasya, mekaseh mengajak aku menulis. Aku pun tidak tahu apa yang hendak sampaikan. ILoveYou Sistah<3


YusofHaq said...

ak pown exam exam SUCKS man who likes examintaion nobody dude :)

Diyana said...

dude, hang in there bum bum. aku tahu kaw boleh buat. study lebih sikit jek. aku yakin next sem kaw sure boleh naik.
jgn risau la psl mak kaw. dye cuma syg kn kaw jek :)
aku pn syg kaw jgk. any prob, holla at me yo.

pelangi said...

saba jea.....

amirul iman said...



kitorg sentiase support ko.

sure bole naik punye.

aku pun sure boleh tetap belanje ko slalu.


Amira Zafirah said...

you know, I'm glad to see you today.
looking at your face jst made me realise, how much I miss you.
like, seriously :)

Little Nyonya said...

hey there...
chill kay dear..
im always be wi u to the end..
fighting this shit..
i`ll be ur shoulder to cry on..

bo0dak kechik said...

aku pon r..
failed 2 paper mcm rse dunia nk kiamt je..
x pyh citer bout parents la..
berasap je tlinge dga ceramah mereka..
tiada lgsung belas kasihan dan kata2 semangat..
bermula la hidup yg stress..

sha_nixira said...

darl, you've been tagged.

ML; Mohd Loqman said...

woih kau perli aku ekk.
on me your English way too good than mine.
like seriously.
to be honest, you always won in the class even Mira sometimes couldn't beat up your score.
ain't I'm right babe.?
think about it.
let whoever want to say bad about you score, result or whatsoever.
whatever it is, you know yourself.
that's much more better.
cheer up!

bo0dak kechik said...

bila nak update blog ni?